Welcome to my website

Welcome to my site. Obviously, I love to cook. You will find a compilation of my favourite recipes here, as well some recipes that I thought sounded good, but haven't gotten around to trying yet.

Most of my cooking comes from experimentation. I usually just throw things together, then keep adjusting until I get what I want. Therefore, my recipe measurements may not be accurate. I don't write things down as I cook; maybe I should start...

If you want me to add a recipe to my site or if you see any errors in my recipes, send me an email.

I am also up to my ears raising two little monkeys. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh constantly. My blog contains details of my adventures in child-rearing. I'm using it mostly as a means to document life's happenings. Things change quickly and I don't want to forget a moment.

** I am aware that links to the blog and the search function are not yet working. I'm awaiting technical support from the guy who sleeps on the other side of the bed. This site is still a major work-in-progress! **